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What does it mean to be a Financial Inclusion Week partner?
Financial Inclusion Week partners commit to participating in the Week by hosting a conversation or contributing insights on the year's theme (stay tuned for an announcement of the theme for 2019!).

What kind of event should I host?
Pick the format that works best for you. That may be a larger event or a smaller conversation that could occur in person, by conference call, or by webinar. Some events will include people from one organization and others will include a range of diverse stakeholders from the private and public sectors.

Who can be involved?
The goal is to have a range of participants from multiple geographies as well as different stakeholders, including banks, insurance companies, payments companies, telcos, policy-makers, regulators, NGOs, microfinance institutions, investors, financial inclusion support organizations, credit reporting service providers, financial capability experts, fintech companies, etc. Financial institutions may also use this as an opportunity for corporate citizenship outreach or for deepening internal understanding of financial inclusion.

What are the objectives of Financial Inclusion Week?

- To bring the entire financial inclusion community together to explore issues of financial inclusion beyond access
- To create leadership opportunities among diverse stakeholders
- To create dialogue and community
- To foster partnership and coordination within the financial industry

How will the outcomes of Financial Inclusion Week be publicized?
CFI will publicize all Financial Inclusion Week events on this website and will promote participation for webinars and online events. Tweets and blogs will be captured on daily CFI Blog posts and on an interactive web page throughout the week. The Center for Financial Inclusion will produce a wrap-up document to be released after FIW featuring highlights of the week, photos from the week, and key messages from conversations.

Why should my organization participate?
Achieving financial inclusion is within our reach, but only if we work together to address the biggest gaps. When people come together to consider this question, they emerge with new insights, energy and focus. By serving as a Partner, you are playing a vital role as a leader in financial inclusion and helping to build a strong community, while focusing on the work of your organization.

How do I participate?
Financial Inclusion Week is intended to be easy to participate in – explore past events and begin thinking about what conversation you think needs to be had. The Center for Financial Inclusion will provide a toolkit for partners suggesting key questions, background materials, and content for the meetings. Once you have thought about your event, sign up here to receive updates from the Financial Inclusion Week Team.

Do you have another question we didn't address above?
Feel free to send us an email–we look forward to hearing from you!

Partner Resource Toolkit

The following templates and documents are a resource for you as you plan your Financial Inclusion Week event. You will find information about how to promote your event, contribute your voice to the global Financial Inclusion Week conversation, and engage with your audiences during Financial Inclusion Week. Please note: FIW materials for 2019 will be rolled out and available for download in the coming months!